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An interview with
Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens
at Startup Runway event

I was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, living in many places around the scenic Seattle and Puget Sound area.  In 2016, I moved to the Deep South, settling just west of Atlanta.

My passion for photography started in the mid-80s with a second-hand 35mm Minolta camera.  I was too poor for any kind of formal training, and there was no internet available yet, but I made good use of the library, learning all I could from books and magazine articles.  I tried to keep up as technology grew from those days from 35mm to the mirrorless marvels we have today.

I enjoy many different types of photography, and I refuse to stuff myself into a niche for the sake of a wage.  I love doing macro and bringing the tiniest of creatures into full view, capturing beautiful birds and animals during their daily activities and creating beautiful flower images never gets old.

What I find most rewarding in my journey is bringing joy to other people through my images.  To  highlight a special personality trait, or a unique beauty, captured in just the right light - this is my goal with every portrait.  I prefer not to set time constraints, or do "mini sessions" with emphasis on props and fake backgrounds.  I prefer to let my subject's personality be the focal point as this is what I feel should invoke the best memories for years to come.

Not unlike Ansel Adams, I believe a great photo should convey a feeling rather than merely recording a fabricated moment in time.  I specialize in capturing personalities and preserving genuine memories.  Trendy filter treatments and cutesy session props come and go like hairstyles, and while I can provide them on request, my ultimate goal is to tastefully preserve the fundamental essence of the subject to last over the course of a lifetime.  I offer portable studio equipment as well as a small newly-renovated studio and can provide professional editing and any level of digital or printed material required with premium quality results.

A lovely family reunion

Informal pre-engagement portrait

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